Los servicios de consultoría en innovación están siendo uno de los más solicitados incluso por empresas líderes en su industria.

Con la rápida evolución de los mercados de diferentes industrias, cada vez es más común encontrar empresas trabajando por desarrollar innovación de una u otra manera.

A menudo estás empresas comienzan con mucho empuje y toda la intención de lograr un proyecto disruptivo, el problema es que muy pronto tienden a encontrarse sin rumbo en medio de una lluvia de ideas.

La problemática puede ser específica a la situación de cada empresa pero el estancamiento del desarrollo de innovación es algo que se puede evitar cuando se contrata ayuda externa.

apto: Firma especializada en el diseño de producto y…

Cinépolis continua siendo una empresa líder en la industria del cine gracias al desarrollo de innovación y diseño de experiencias para sus clientes.

La relevancia de Cinépolis en nuestras vidas no puede subestimarse, con un producto tan integrado a la cultura popular y a la experiencia humana, es inevitable que todos tengamos recuerdos que están profundamente relacionados con el cine.

Aun así, Cinépolis ha tenido que evolucionar con los tiempos en la búsqueda por mantenerse relevante en un mercado donde el acceso al entretenimiento cada vez es más fácil.

De todos estos cambios en su industria, ha logrado salir adelante debido a que sabe leer perfectamente las necesidades de sus clientes e interpretarlas para innovar en su producto.

La realidad es que…

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GameStop’s story is a cautionary tale of what happens when companies try to resist change instead of making the hard decision of pivoting.

It is nothing new that for some years now GameStop’s business has been steadily declining mainly due to the rising trend of gamers buying digital copies of video games.

Record companies went through this when people began downloading music digitally, so it was just a matter of time that this phenomenon caught up with the gaming industry.

This slow-burn crisis led to GameStop’s shares being valued in single digits by the end of 2020. Several hedge funds identified GameStop’s situation as an opportunity to make a profit out of the demise of the company by short-selling their positions.

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As we move into 2021 and vaccines begin to be more widespread available, people and companies are starting to visualize what life will look like after COVID-19.

No doubt some of the habits we have developed during 2020 will go away once we’re allowed to interact in large numbers again but some things have embedded so deeply into our psyche that we will shape our “new normal” around them.

Companies need to be able to identify these trends and incorporate them into the way they interact with their clients and employees.

If 2020 winners were the ones able to react and adapt, 2021 will be for the ones with a vision and a plan build around the needs of a world ready for change and…

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Nespresso built a cult around their brand by designing one of the best customer experiences in the world.

I had never been much of a coffee enthusiast until I tried the Nespresso experience. For a lot of people coffee is an integral part of their morning routines and even a highlight of their day but for me it was never something more than an occasional compliment to my breakfast… until I bought the Essenza Mini.

Today, Nespresso is one of the most successful companies in the world, their business model is commonly brought up as a case study for all things related to innovation and product design so I was not surprised when I was fascinated…

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Covid-19 created a lot of challenges for big and small companies but remote work should be seen as an opportunity to change the status quo and produce more value.

Let’s rewind to January 2020. It might seem like a lifetime ago but it was only ten months ago when we were still working in office spaces and most of us had daily routines that looked extremely different to what has now become our “normal life”.

A lot of people are saying that Covid-19 only accelerated an evolution that was already on the way but things weren’t so clear by the end of last year.

During 2019, some of the biggest companies in the world like Best Buy and IBM decided to roll back their home office programs

You don’t have to be a data scientist to collect and interpret data, you just need to know where to look for it and what to look for in it.

Everybody knows that the most successful companies going forward are going to be the ones that are data driven. C level managers everywhere are asking their teams to deliver data reports, the thing is that very few of them actually look into what the numbers are saying.

You don’t have to be a Jedi to see into the future and predict what people are going to be buying in the upcoming months, trend forecasting is more about putting the pieces together that enable you to look at the big picture.

Companies shouldn’t be reacting to every data report they receive…

With the launch of LEGO ART the company proved once again to be one of the most innovative and creative product designers in the world.

LEGO has always been know for being a brand that sparks creativity among boys and girls of all ages with their toys. When the company introduced the LEGO brick back in 1949 in Denmark no one imagined how influential it would become but the world soon found out that there is something about building stuff that is deeply satisfying.

It creates a sense of accomplishment that is addictive in a positive way.

You can even make the case that playing with LEGO is good for the development of kids’ cognitive skills and creative thinking. …

Domino’s journey to pizza domination started with throwing away their 49 year old pizza recipe.

Is there anything better than pizza?

I honestly believe there is nothing better in the world than pizza. There are tons of recipes and everyone has their favorite but the base combination of bread , cheese and tomato sauce can be defined as the holy trinity of food. I don’t think a lot people would disagree with me since pizza is one of the most consumed products around the world, so its no surprise that competition for market share between pizza franchises is rough.



If we’ve learned anything from the documentary’s success is that millennials continue to spend their money first and foremost on nostalgia.

I am 32, which means that like most of you reading, I grew up during the 90's obsessed with skateboarding, collecting Pokemon cards and watching Michael Jordan on the news everyday.

There’s something about our generation, the so called millennials, that won’t let us get over our childhood. We are now the “grown ups”, we constitute most of the active workforce around the world but we are still trying to relive those days in the 90's through everything we can. …

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